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By: Hezil Mansor

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Ramadhan Kareem

*The title I cilok from Joe.

Salam Ramadhan.
It has been one week of Ramadhan. I lost about 2 kg already n I am hoping I wont get rebound during Shawal. Katiana sensei pls come back to Beppu as soon as u can, your student is in need of belly exercise!!! Ape la mengarut plak hehehe

Harris trying to put anything n everything into his mouth.

This year Ramadhan, is the first time for me to eat from one tray aka dulang. Ni pun sbb ikut org Paki, Bangla style mkn dlm tray. Huhuhu sungguh menarik dan tak mau mkn camtu dah. About the food n drinks mase iftar beramai2 tu, hmm xyah citer la lagi xsyok. I want to express more about this iftar but xpela nnt takut org tersinggung plak. For the time being, I shall keep it to myself

At Park Place water park

Harris Development
Harris is now 14 months and 4 weeks old. For the time being, as I told b4 he is weaning from a bottle. How I do u it, I shall write on my next entry.

Harris can:
1) do cheeky face whenever he sees a camera.
2) say densha, meaning train. Didnt expect his first word going to be in Japanese.
3) say mama n papa but still confuse which one is which, especially when he is the one talking.
4) understand simple greeting like ohayo gozaimasu, arigatou and he can bow too. Soo Japanese like
5) understand sit down and kiss.
6) luv to explore the kitchen cabinets. We put locks put but he was fast enough to break it.
7) say NAK when he wants something but actually it sounds more like TAK.
8 ) like to go round and round until pening kepala n he jumps too.
9) spit after brushing his teeth.

Harris favorite foods are:
1) Japanese rice with nori (seaweed), kekadang kutip nori je pun ada.
2) Cheese Kamaboko (fish sausage with cheese)
3) Watermelon
4) Onigiri (nasi kepal Jepun)
5) Yogurt
6) Cucumber
7) All sorts of bread
8 ) All kind of mee

So far these are Harris development.

Mama: Harris nak yg mana satu? Oren ke?
Harris: No, la mama. I want the green one la.

Anak siapa kah ini?

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